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        Fatty primary & secondary amine

        Polyamine & Ether amine

        Fatty Tertiary Amine

        PU Catalyst & Specialty amine

        Cationic Surfactant

        Nonionic Surfactant

        Agrochemicals & Solvent

        Butimen Emulsifier & Anti-stripping agent

        Polycarboxylate Water Reducer for Concrete


        ABOUT US

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        Suzhou Wedo Chemicals Co., Ltd. locate at famous city in China -Zhangjiagang city, 40km away from bulk chemicals port and free trade zone, and 120km away from Shanghai.

        We focus on Amines and Surfactant products, with three different business units and two manufacturing sites, total capacity more than 30KT.

        Dawei Chemicals Co., Ltd., mainly manufacture Specialty Amine, PU catalyst, Fatty Amine and Fatty Amide.

        Wedo Industry Limited, mainly supply Specialty Chemicals and OEM.

        JTN Science & Technology Co., Ltd., mainly produce Fatty amine and Surfactant.

        With strong technology in Amination and Hydrogenation, our products export to America, Europe and Asia, and set up a good cooperation with many MNCs.

        Add: Zong-er Road, Dongsha Industry Park, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu provinc

        Contact: Mr. Lei Mobile:+86-18962211565


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