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        Fatty primary & secondary amine

        Polyamine & Ether amine

        Fatty Tertiary Amine

        PU Catalyst & Specialty amine

        Cationic Surfactant

        Nonionic Surfactant

        Agrochemicals & Solvent

        Butimen Emulsifier & Anti-stripping agent

        Polycarboxylate Water Reducer for Concrete



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        Fatty primary & secondary amine
          Code Product Name CAS NO. More
           Wedomine F8 n-Octyl Amine 111-86-4 More
           Wedomine F12 Lauryl Amine 124-22-1 More
           Wedomine F14 Myristyl Amine 2016-42-4 More
           Wedomine F18 Octadecyl Amine 124-30-1 More
           Wedomine FC Coconut Amine 61788-46-3 More
           Wedomine FO Oleyl Amine 112-90-3 More
           Wedomine FT Tallow Amine 61790-33-8 More
           Wedomine FHT Hydrogenated Tallow Amine / Stearyl Amine 61788-45-2 More
           Wedomine F5 N-Pentyl Amine 110-58-7 More
           Wedomine F6 Hexyl Amine 111-26-2 More
           Wedomine FE8 2-Ethyl Hexylamine 104-75-6 More
           Wedomine SADEH Bis(2-ethylhexyl) Amine 106-20-7 More
           Wedomine SAD13 DiTridecylamine 900168-60-0 More
           Wedomine SADHT DiHydrogenate Tallow Amine 61789-79-5 More

        Applications: Intermediate to make surfactants, Fertilizer Anti-caking Agent, Flotation Collector, Bitumen Emulsifying, Corrosion Inhibitor, thickener, etc.

        Polyamine & Ether amine
          Code Product Name CAS NO. More
           Wedomine 2AO N-Oleyl-1,3-Diamino Propane 7173-62-8 More
           Wedomine 2AC N-Cocoalkyl- 1,3-Diamino Propane 61791-63-7 More
           Wedomine 2AHT N-(Hydrogenate tallow) -1,3-Diamino Propane 68603-64-5 More
           Wedomine 2AS N-Stearyl-1,3-Diamino Propane 4253-76-3 More
           Wedomine 2AT N-Tallowalkyl- 1,3-Diamino Propane 61791-55-7 More
           Wedomine 3A Y12 N,N-Bis(3-aminopropyl) Dodecyl Amine 2372-82-9 More
           Wedomine 3A YT N,N-Bis(3-aminopropyl) Tallow Amine 85632-63-9 More
           Wedomine 4AO N-Oleyl-Tripropylene Tetraamine 67228-83-5 More
           Wedomine 4AT N-Tallowalkyl- Tripropylene Tetraamine 68911-79-5 More
           Wedomine 2A TTM N,N,N'-Trimethyl-N'-Tallow-1,3-Diamino Propane 68783-25-5 More
           Wedomine 2AO AC N-Oleyl- 1,3-Diamino Propane Acetate 68037-97-8 More
           Wedomine 2AC AC N-Cocoalkyl- 1,3-Diamino Propane Acetate 61791-64-8 More
           Wedomine 2AT AC N-Tallowalkyl- 1,3-Diamino Propane Acetate 61791-54-6 More
           Wedomine 2AHT AC N-HydrogenateTallow- 1,3-Diamino Propane Acetate 97488-59-0 More
           Wedomine OPA 6 Hexyloxypropylamine 16728-61-3 More
           Wedomine OPA 8 2'-Ethylhexyloxypropylamine 5397-31-9 More
           Wedomine OPA 10 Isodecyloxypropyl amine 30113-45-2 More
           Wedomine OPA 10 AC Isodecyloxypropyl Amine Acetate 28701-67-9 More
           Wedomine OPDA 10 Isodecyloxypropyl-1,3-diaminopropane 72162-46-0 More
           Wedomine OPA 13 Isotridecyloxypropyl amine 50977-10-1 More
           Wedomine OPDA 13 Isotridecyloxypropyl-1,3-diaminopropane 68479-04-9 More
           Wedomine OPDA 13AC Isotridecyloxypropyl-1,3-diaminopropane Acetate 151789-08-1 More

        Applications: Lubrication & cleaning for beverage bottles and conveyor, Bitumen Emulsifying, Fertilizer Anti-caking Agent, Flotation Collector, water treatment, Corrosion Inhibitor, etc.

        Fatty Tertiary Amine
          Code Product Name CAS NO. More
           Wedomine DM 8 Dimethyl Octyl Amine 7378-99-6 More
           Wedomine DM10 Dimethyl Decyl Amine 1120-24-7 More
           Wedomine DM12 Dimethyl Lauryl Amine 112-18-5 More
           Wedomine DM14 Dimethyl Myristyl Amine 112-75-4 More
           Wedomine DM16 Dimethyl Hexadecyl Amine 112-69-6 More
           Wedomine DM18 Dimethyl Octadecyl Amine 124-28-7 More
           Wedomine DM22 Dimethyl Behenyl Amine 93164-85-3 More
           Wedomine DM24 Dimethyl Lauryl/myristyl Amine 84649-84-3 More
           Wedomine DM1218 Dimethyl Coco Amine 68391-04-8 More
           Wedomine DM4250 Dimethyl Lauryl-Cetyl Amine 68439-70-3 More
           Wedomine DM818 Dimethyl Coco Amine 61788-93-0 More
           Wedomine DM1816 Dimethyl Stearyl Amine 68390-97-6 More
           Wedomine DMO Oleyl Dimethyl Amine 68037-96-7 / 28061-69-0 More
           Wedomine MM D8 Dioctyl Methyl Amine 4455-26-9 More
           Wedomine MM D810 Di(octyl-decyl) Methyl Amine 22020-14-0 More
           Wedomine MM D10 Didecyl Methyl Amine 7396-58-9 More
           Wedomine TOA Tri-Octyl Amine 1116-76-3 More
           Wedomine TODA Tri-Alkyl Amine 68814-95-9 More
           Wedomine THA Tri-Alkyl Amine C6-12 68038-01-7 More
           Wedomine MMDHT Di(hydrogenate tallow) methyl amine 61788-63-4 More
           Wedomine T6A Tri-Hexyl Amine 102-86-3 More
           Wedomine MMDC DiCoco Methyl Amine 61788-62-3 More

        Applications: Intermediate mainly used to make cationic and amphoteric surfactants, antistatic agents, anticorrosive agents, solvent extraction for organic or inorganic species.

        PU Catalyst & Specialty amine
          Code Product Name CAS NO. More
           Suleycat TMR (2-Hydroxypropyl)trimethylammonium 2-ethylhexanoate 62314-22-1 More
           Suleycat TMR 2 (2-hydroxypropyl)trimethylammonium formate 62314-25-4 More
           Suleycat N4 N,N’-Bis(3-aminopropyl) Ethylenedediamine 10563-26-5 More
           Suleycat TMAEA N-Methyl-N-dimethylaminoethyl- aminoethanol 2212-32-0 More
           Suleycat TMEDA Tetramethyl Ethylenediamine 110-18-9 More
           Suleycat TMHDA Tetramethyl Hexane diamine 111-18-2 More
           Suleycat TMSIM 2,2,4-Trimethyl-2-silamorpholine 10196-49-3 More
           Suleycat D2000 Polyoxypropylenediamine 9046-10-0 More
           Suleycat 8 Dimethyl cyclohexyl amine 98-94-2 More
           Suleycat DPA 1,1'-[[3-(Dimethylamino)propyl]imino]bis(2-propanol) 63469-23-8 More
           Suleycat XDM N-(2-dimethylaminoethyl)morpholine 4385--5-1 More
           Suleycat ZR50 1-[Bis[3-(dimethylamino)propyl]amino]-2-propanol 67151-63-7 More
           Wedomine DMAPMA Dimethylaminopropyl Methacrylamide 5205-93-6 More
           Wedomine MAPTAC 3-Trimethylammonium Propyl Methylacrylamide Chloride 51410-72-1 More
           Wedomine APP N-(3-Aminopropyl)morpholine 123-00-2 More
           Wedomine DEAPA 3-Diethylaminopropyl Amine 104-78-9 More
           Wedomine DMAPA 3-Dimethylaminopropylamine 109-55-7 More
           Wedomine MOPA 3-Methoxypropylamine 5332-73-0 More

        Applications: Catalyst for Polyurethane foaming, Curing agent for expoxy resin, Chemical Intermediate, etc.

        Cationic Surfactant
          Code Product Name CAS NO. More
           Wedoquat QD1021 Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride 7173-51-5 More
           Wedoquat QD8021 Di(Octyl-Decyl) Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride 68424-95-3 More
           Wedoquat QD821 Dioctyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride 5538-94-3 More
           Wedoquat QD1221 Didodecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride 3401-74-9 More
           Wedoquat QD1817 Di(hyrogenate tallow) Benzyl Methyl Ammonium Chloride 61789-73-9 More
           Wedoquat QD1821 Di(hydrogenate tallow) Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride 61789-80-8 More
           Wedoquat QB1827 Stearyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride 68607-20-5 More
           Wedoquat QB1227 Benzalkonium Chloride 68424-85-1 More
           Wedoquat QB730 Cocoalkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride 85409-22-9 More
           Wedoquat QM C31 Coco Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride 61789-18-2 More
           Wedoquat QM1231 Dodecyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride 112-00-5 More
           Wedoquat QM1631 Hexadecyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride 112-02-7 More
           Wedoquat QM1631B Hexadecyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide 57-09-0 More
           Wedoquat QMCAP31 Cocoamidopropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride 22981-54-0 More
           Wedoquat QT7301 Tri(Octyl-Decyl) Methyl Ammonium Chloride 63393-96-4 More
           Wedoquat QT811 Trioctyl Methyl Ammonium Chloride 5137-55-3 More
           Wedoquat QEC02 Coco bis(2-hydroxyethyl) methyl ammonium chloride 70750-47-9 More
           Wedoquat QEC15 Coco ethoxylated 15 methyl ammonium chloride 61791-10-4 More
           Wedoquat QEC15MS Coco ethoxylated 15 methyl ammonium methylsulfate 68989-03-7 More
           Wedoquat QES02 Stearyl bis(2-hydroxyethyl) methyl ammonium chloride 3010-24-0 More
           Wedoquat QET15 Tallow ethoxylated 15 methyl ammonium chloride 64755-05-1 More
           Wedoquat 2QE T03 Tallow tri-hydroxyethyl dimethyl propyl di-ammonium di-chloride 92061-83-1 More
           Wedoquat 2QM T Pentamethyl-N-Tallow-Propanediammonium dichloride? 68607-29-4 More
           Wedoquat PQ60 Poly(dichloroethyl ether tetramethyl ethylene diamine) 31512-74-0 More
           Wedoquat DC21-75 DiCoco Dimethyl Ammounium chloride 61789-77-3 More
           Wedoquat DCEE-70 Oxydiethylenebis(coco-dimethyl ammonium chloride) 68607-28-3 More
           Wedoquat CA80 Coco dimethyl ethyl ammonium ethosulfate 68308-64-5 More
           Wedoquat QT811HS Trioctyl Methyl Ammonium Hydrogen Sulfate 59158-14-4 More
           Wedoquat APA-LS Lauramidopropyl Trimethyl ammonium methylsulfate 10595-49-0 More
           Wedoquat APA-SN Stearamidopropyldimethyl-2-hydroxyethylammonium nitrate 2764-13-8 More
           Wedoquat APA-SP Stearamidopropyldimethyl -2-hydroxyethylammonium dihydrogen phosphate 3758-54-1 More
           Wedoquat OPA102EC Isodecyloxypropyl bis(2-hydroxyethyl) methyl ammonium chloride 68478-94-4 More

        Applications: Biocide for water & wood treatment or farming, antistatic agent, fabric softener, hair conditioner, cleaning, rare metal extractant, emulsifier, organic clay, etc.

        Nonionic Surfactant
          Code Product Name CAS NO. More
           Wedomine E1202 Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) Lauryl Amine 1541-67-9 More
           Wedomine E1802 Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) Stearyl Amine 10213-78-2 More
           Wedomine EOA02 Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) Oleyl Amine 13127-82-7 More
           Wedomine ET02 Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) Tallow Amine 61791-44-4 More
           Wedomine E2AT03 Ethoxylated (3-15) N-tallow-1,3-diaminopropane 61790-85-0 More
           Wedomine P2AT02 Propoxylated (2-5) N-tallow-1,3-diaminopropane 68603-75-8 More
           Wedomine EC15 Ethoxylated (2-30) Coco Amine 61791-31-9 / 61791-14-8 More
           Wedomine ET15 Ethoxylated (3-30) Tallow Amine 61791-26-2 / 61791-44-4 More
           Wedomine ES15 Ethoxylated (2-30) Stearyl Amine 61790-82-7 / 26635-92-7 More
           Wedomine EOA15 Ethoxylated (3-30) Oleyl Amine 68155-39-5 / 26635-93-8 More
           Wedomine APA E Erucamidopropyl dimethylamine 149968-48-9 More
           Wedomine APA O Oleamidopropyl dimethylamine 109-28-4 More
           Wedomine APA S Stearylamidopropyl dimethylamine 7651--2-7 More
           Wedomine APA T Tallowamidopropyl dimethylamine 68425-50-3 More
           Wedomine APA1218 Coconutamidopropyl dimethylamine 68140-01-2 More
           Wedo BS-1214 Lauryl-myristyl Dimethyl Betaine 66455-29-6 More
           Wedo EAPB HS Erucamidopropyl hydroxysultaine 581089-19-2 More
           Wedo AO1214 Lauryl-Myristyl dimethylamine oxide 85408-49-7 More
           Wedo AO CAP Coconutamidopropyl dimethylamine oxide 68155-09-9 More
           Wedo AO-APAT Tallow Amidopropane Dimethyl Amine Oxide 68647-77-8 More
           Wedo AO-OPA10 Bis-(2-hydroxyethyl) isodecyloxypropylamine oxide 68478-65-9 More

        Applications: Emulsifier for agrochem & bitumen, antistatic agent for plastics, cleaning & detergent, corrosive inhibitor, intermediate, etc.

        Agrochemicals & Solvent
          Code Product Name CAS NO. More
           Wedomide DM10 N,N-Dimethyl Decanamide 14433-76-2 More
           Wedomide DM810 N,N-Dimethyl Octyl/Decyl Amide 1118-92-9 / 14433-76-2 More
           Wedomine C5 Cyclopentyl Amine 1003-03-8 More
           Wedomine CC57 4-Chloro-N-Cyclopentylbenzylamine 66063-15-8 More
           SUAGRO ML12 Dodemorph Acetate 31717-87-0 More
           SUAGRO ML13 Tridemorph 81412-43-3 More
           SUAGRO MLFP Fenpropimorph 67306-03-0 More
           Wedopyro NOP N-Octyl-2-pyrrolidone 2687-94-7 More
           Wedopyro NCHP N-Cyclohexyl-2-pyrrolidone 6837-24-7 More
           Wedopyro NLP N-Lauryl-2-pyrrolidone 2687-96-9 More
           Wedopyro NBZP N-Benzyl-2-pyrrolidone 5291-77-0 More
           Wedopyro NBP N-Butyl-2-pyrrolidone 3470-98-2 More
           Wedopyro NEP N-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidinone 2687-91-4 More
           Wedo MIBC 4-Methyl-2-Pentanol 108-11-2 More

        Applications: Emulsifier for agrochem, cleaning & detergent, fungicide, solvent, intermediate, etc.

        Butimen Emulsifier & Anti-stripping agent
          Code Applications Content % More
           Wedomine BE100 CRS & CMS emulsifier and anti-stripping agent, for surface dressing and tack coat. CRS:0.18-0.25;CMS:0.25-0.6 More
           Wedomine BE 130 CRS emulsifier for surface dressing. CRS:0.2-0.3 More
           Wedomine BE 184 CRS emulsifier for surface dressing and anti-stripping agent. CRS:0.2-0.3 More
           Wedomine BE 203 Emulsifier for CRS & CMS, in surface dressing and aggregate mixes. CRS:0.18-0.3;CMS:0.3-0.6 More
           Wedomine BE SL Emulsifier for CRS & CMS, for surface dressing, tack coat and cold mix. CRS:0.15-0.3;CMS:0.25-0.6 More
           Wedomine BE 224 Emulsifier for CRS & CMS, and anti-stripping agent, for surface dressing, tack coat. CRS:0.18-0.25;CMS:0.25-0.6 More
           Wedomine BE 144 Emulsifier for CRS & CMS, for surface dressing, tack coat and cold recycling. CRS:0.18-0.25;CMS:0.25-0.6 More
           Wedomine BE 4819 Emulsifier for CRS & CMS, for surface dressing, tack coat and cold recycling. CRS:0.15-0.2;CMS:0.2-0.5 More
           Wedomine BE 333 Emulsifier for CMS & CSS, and anti-stripping agent, for surface dressing and cold mix. CMS:0.3-0.5;CSS:0.5-1 More
           Wedoquat BE 226 Emulsifier for CMS & CSS, in slurry surfacing and cold mix. CMS:0.4-0.8;CSS:0.6-1.5 More
           Wedoquat BE 205 Emulsifier for CMS & CSS, prime and tack coat and emulsion for dust control. CMS:0.4-0.8;CSS:0.8-1 More
           Wedoquat BE 209 Emulsifier for CMS & CSS, prime and tack coat and emulsion for dust control. CMS:0.3-0.5;CSS:0.8-1 More
           Wedomine BA HBG Anti-stripping agent, adhesion promoters. 0.1-1.2 More
           Wedomine BA OLBS Anti-stripping agent, adhesion promoters. 0.1-1.2 More
           Wedomine BA 103Y Anti-stripping agent, adhesion promoters. 0.1-1.2 More
        Polycarboxylate Water Reducer for Concrete
          Code Applications Content % More
           Wedopcarboxy SPR-100 Polycarboxylate water reducer liquid 40%, 50% 0.25-0.8 More
           Wedopcarboxy SPR-209 Polycarboxylate water reducer powder 0.2 More
           Wedopcarboxy SPR-309 Polycarboxylate water reducer powder 0.2 More
           Wedopcarboxy SPR-500 Water retaining agent 0.01-0.05 More
          Code Product Name CAS NO. More
           WEDOCEL HPMC HydroxyPropyl Methyl Cellulose 9004-65-3 More
           WEDOCEL MC Methyl Cellulose 9004-67-5 More
           WEDOCEL HEC HydroxyEthyl Cellulose 9004-62-0 More
           WEDO CHDM 1,4-Cyclohexanedimethanol 105-08-8 More
           WEDO IPAE Isopropyl Acetate 108-21-4 More
           WEDO CAAA Calcium Acetyl Acetonate 19372-44-2 More
           WEDO ZNAA Zinc Acetyl Acetonate 14024-63-6 More
           WEDO DBM Dibenzoyl methane 120-46-7 More
           WEDO SBM Stearoylbenzoyl methane 58446-52-9 More
           WEDO THEIC Tris(2-Hydroxyethyl)Isocyanurate 839-90-7 More
           WEDO TGIC Triglycidyl isocyanurate 2451-62-9 More
           WEDO UV234 UV Abosorber 234 70321-86-7 More
           WEDO UV531 UV Abosorber 531 1843-05-6 More
           WEDO UV71? UV Abosorber UV-P 2440-22-4 More
           WEDO UV1130 UV Abosorber 1130 104810-47-1 / 104810-48-2 More
           WEDO BZC Benzyl Chloride 100-44-7 More
           WEDO MCAA Monochloroacetic acid 79--11-8 More
           WEDO DCMX 2,4-DiChloro-3,5-dimethylphenol 133-53-9 More
           WEDO PCMX 4-Chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol 88-04-0 More
           WEDO DMDS Dimethyl Disulfide 624-92-0 More
           WEDO MSCL Methane Sulfonyl Chloride 124-63-0 More
           WEDO UV3030 UV Absorber 3346 178671-58-4 More
           WEDO UV3346 Hindered amine light stabilizer 3346 82451-48-7 More
           WEDO TIBP Tri-isobutyl phosphate 126-71-6 More
           WEDO TBP Tri-butyl phosphate 126-73-8 More
           Wedo EGPE Phenoxyethanol 122-99-6 More
           Wedo PGPE Phenoxypropanol 770-35-4 More

        Applications: Additives for Building materials, Coatings, Paints, Pharm, Food, Personal care, Ceramics, Cosmetics (Cellulose), Additives for plastics, Solvent, Sintermediate, hydrodesulfurization process of oil refinery, etc.

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