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        Fatty primary & secondary amine

        Polyamine & Ether amine

        Fatty Tertiary Amine

        PU Catalyst & Specialty amine

        Cationic Surfactant

        Nonionic Surfactant

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        Fatty Tertiary Amine
          Code Product Name CAS NO. More
           Wedomine DM 8 Dimethyl Octyl Amine 7378-99-6 More
           Wedomine DM10 Dimethyl Decyl Amine 1120-24-7 More
           Wedomine DM12 Dimethyl Lauryl Amine 112-18-5 More
           Wedomine DM14 Dimethyl Myristyl Amine 112-75-4 More
           Wedomine DM16 Dimethyl Hexadecyl Amine 112-69-6 More
           Wedomine DM18 Dimethyl Octadecyl Amine 124-28-7 More
           Wedomine DM22 Dimethyl Behenyl Amine 93164-85-3 More
           Wedomine DM24 Dimethyl Lauryl/myristyl Amine 84649-84-3 More
           Wedomine DM1218 Dimethyl Coco Amine 68391-04-8 More
           Wedomine DM4250 Dimethyl Lauryl-Cetyl Amine 68439-70-3 More
           Wedomine DM818 Dimethyl Coco Amine 61788-93-0 More
           Wedomine DM1816 Dimethyl Stearyl Amine 68390-97-6 More
           Wedomine DMO Oleyl Dimethyl Amine 68037-96-7 / 28061-69-0 More
           Wedomine MM D8 Dioctyl Methyl Amine 4455-26-9 More
           Wedomine MM D810 Di(octyl-decyl) Methyl Amine 22020-14-0 More
           Wedomine MM D10 Didecyl Methyl Amine 7396-58-9 More
           Wedomine TOA Tri-Octyl Amine 1116-76-3 More
           Wedomine TODA Tri-Alkyl Amine 68814-95-9 More
           Wedomine THA Tri-Alkyl Amine C6-12 68038-01-7 More
           Wedomine MMDHT Di(hydrogenate tallow) methyl amine 61788-63-4 More
           Wedomine T6A Tri-Hexyl Amine 102-86-3 More
           Wedomine MMDC DiCoco Methyl Amine 61788-62-3 More

        Applications: Intermediate mainly used to make cationic and amphoteric surfactants, antistatic agents, anticorrosive agents, solvent extraction for organic or inorganic species.

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